Studies in translation (Nr 39)

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History and theory


Autor: Wacław M. Osadnik (red.), Alina Świeściak (red.), Piotr Fast (red.)

ISBN   978-83-7164-883-0
Wymiary  150x210 mm
Liczba stron  204
Rok wydania  2015

Wacław M. Osadnik, Alina Świeściak:

On Translation: An Introduction


Houssem Ben Lazreg:

The Abbasid Translation Movement: Al Jahiz as a Pioneer


Olga Ivanova:

The Language of Film and Strategies of Audiovisual Translation


Alanna Supersad:

To Infinity and Beyond. The Abysmal Reality of Equivalence



Analysis, Interpretation, Adaptation and Translation: The Line Between Process and Product as Determined by Equivalence


Alina Sergacho v:

Lost in Translation: Copyrights and the Question of Translator as a Traitor


Wacław M. Osadnik:

Film Adaptation as Translation


Jessica Holtby:

Judging a Song by its Title: Translating Édith Piaf


Katherine Alexander:

To Make a Short Story Long: Constructing a “History” for the Translation of Carme Riera’s Short Fiction


Wioletta Polanski:

Magdalena Samozwaniec: Understanding Translation History

(or lack thereof)


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