Issues in Foreign Language Teaching and Teacher Development: Reflection and Analysis

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Until its closure in 2019, the Applied Linguistics Department at the University of Silesia’s Institute of English Studies undertook exploratory research into the teaching and learning of English as a foreign language. The research, reflective of the breadth of interests of the department’s staff, addressed the multifaceted nature of language and its pedagogy, focussing on the parties involved, as well as the process’s complexities and intertwining themes. This volume provides a review of the most recent research by former staff members, and as such brings to bear the processes of analysis and reflection on evolving trends in teacher education and English language teaching.

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Autor: Jolanta Latkowska

ISBN   978-83-8183-068-3
Wymiary  150x210 mm
Liczba stron 268
Rok wydania  2021

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Part 1:

Teacher Development

Agni Connor

Mindfulness and self-compassion in second language

teacher trainig


Grażyna Kiliańska-Przybyło

Some reflections on tensions experienced

by novice teachers in their process of professional identity

formation and becoming a foreign language teacher


Aleksandra Szymańska-Tworek

Reflection on success in student teachers’ journals


Iwona Dronia

Teaching styles and roles and their influence

on teachers experiencing Face Threats


Agnieszka Ślęzak-Świat

An authentic foreign language teacher



Foreign Language Teaching


Katarzyna Papaja

Effort, expectancy and global orientation in CLIL :

A cross-cultural study


Maria Stec

Reflections on materials development:

image and language relations in ELT coursebooks


Marzena Wysocka

On using poetry in teaching grammar

to advanced users of Polish as a FL


Jolanta La tkowska

Learning to construct narrative chronology in a L2:

Effects of instruction, aspect, and cross-lingual influence